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New Year, New LIFESTYLE! & How Raquel lost 77lbs!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Most persons who reach out to me for details about Pool Aerobics want to know if participating in classes will make them lose weight.

My answer is always the same. Pool Aerobics is a great exercise option to help you to achieve your goals, however you won’t achieve your desired results if you don’t make changes to your food intake.

The key for healthy, long-term weight loss, muscle gain and overall weight management is to use BOTH diet & exercise. No one enjoys hearing this.

Let's start with the fun; EXERCISE

Pool Aerobics is a cardiovascular exercise option which incorporates resistance training as the muscles have to work against the water, improving muscular endurance and strength.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular workouts elevate your heart rate and the greater your heartbeat, the more fat you’ll burn.

Exciting studies by Horowitz and Klein (2000) indicate physiological and metabolic adaptations occur with cardiovascular exercise that distinctively enhance fat metabolism!