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Low Impact with an Irresistible Smile

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

By Simon Brown

The fitness industry is growing in Jamaica with an influx of gyms, products, and government-sponsored events. Finding a niche in this industry is difficult, however, it is attainable through spirit and personality.

As I entered the pool aerobics class I was greeted with smiles and sunshine and lots of sunshine because these classes started early! However, that didn’t stop what seemed to be an energetic and entertaining session. Kim brings excitement and enthusiasm to her sessions that are also flooded with her individual care for each client.

But first, let me explain what pool aerobics is:

Pool Aerobics is low impact exercise done in water with a focus on aerobic endurance, resistance, and strength training. It combines cardiovascular conditioning, high-intensity interval training, resistance for strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance exercises to help you achieve your goals whilst having a great time.

Splash for Charity:

This annual charity event was a great initiative that not only raised over half a million dollars but brought an awareness of an exercise option that is effective and enjoyable for all ages and all levels of fitness.

Kim sets the tone with a background of energetic workout music, especially soca for those experiencing Tabanca! While the spirit begins pumping, the blood is also working as her exercises are like Fire in the Water! The options of shallow end versus deep end give patrons a range of how much impact they want while getting a high-intensity workout. This adds to the range of people that participated. There were kids, older folks, athletes, people with injuries, and some just looking to get fit in a new way. The pool makes the exercises good for recovery and easy on joints, while the muscles are getting a proper workout!

Why do we need Pool Aerobics with Kim?

A.C.T.I.O.N. Jamaica’s motto is “Expose Your Talent” and Kim exposes not only her talent but her love and care to make people happy and fit. The eclectic atmosphere of this event shows the importance of programs like these. Athletes shared the pool with wheelchair-bound participants, marathon runners were in the same class as persons with hip injuries, and issues that affect their everyday lives were all secondary as they splashed their problems away. This melting pot shows that Kim is not just here to make you fitter, she is here to make you happier. Pool aerobics with Kim is a program that is structured to build the body and the mind as you can partake in exercises confidently with little worry about anything else.

The patrons show this with laughs, smiles, and even a few grimaces from the workout. Kim knows her clients and she studies the issues of each patron so that she can zone in on what needs to improve. The regulars are just as ecstatic as the newcomers. This event was high energy but it was also an event filled with learning and love.

This is even more evident seeing her teach back-to-back classes for over 8 hours only to donate the fruits of that labour to charity. This in itself is a testament to who she is and the impact of a program such as Pool Aerobics with Kim.

The Future of Pool Aerobics.

There are many angles that I hope for a program like this but at the very least this should be the approach that Jamaica brings to public fitness and fitness recovery. We need creativity, passion, and openness.

Fitness is more than fancy gyms, athletic bodies, and green diets. Fitness is a journey to happiness and Kim does this with one of the brightest smiles we have ever seen.

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